Warsaw AI Event Series

Masovian AI Fest

Our mission is to create a local AI ecosystem of entrepreneurs, academics, investors, and tech enthusiasts.Forget about the Social Media fuss and focus on the real innovation.

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Our events roadmap

18.06 - AI Crawl Multiagents Edition

Evening of pitches, feedback, knowledge exchange, and leisure!
Meet AI crazy folks, grab a cocktail, and pitch us your prototype.
June 18th, Warsaw

July/Aug - EU/AI Summer Trip

Exploring Ecosystems. Building Bridges.
Visiting European tech hubs, organising local AI meetups, meeting people, and discovering trends across borders.
With just a backpack and a train ticket. Couchsurfing and doing gigs locally.
Without your help it may not happen!

Sept/Oct - Masovian AI Fest #3

Theme: TBA
Keynotes, investor pitches, and discussions, from all over the AI ecosystem.
As always, happening in Warsaw

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Masovian AI Fest Manifesto

No BS content

We’re all fed up with meaningless and void content on Social Media. Thus, we’d like to invite and promote those who work in the trenches of AI - and not only write about it.

Tech, business, and academia combined

Masovian AI Fest came to life as a bridge between those separated worlds. As we believe, there’s a huge untapped potential in knowledge share and mixing those ecosystems.Warsaw's got wonderful developers, ambitious academics, and entrepreneurs aiming for the stars. From our powers combined, a new quality shall emerge!


For those couple of hours, nothing matters. Nothing else matters more than how can we make the most out of each other to build the most captivating AI-related things!

Inclusive network

Everyone can learn from everyone. No matter if you’re a student, startupper, corporate worker, or seasoned blue-collar worker. The true innovation and power lie within cross-functional cooperation, experience & knowledge exchange, and both mutual respect and interest.

That bald guy with a moustache

Meet Your Host

Introverted networker, event host and public speaker. Michał thrives in the tech event ecosystem by teaching people how to build valuable long-lasting relationships and facilitating workshops and conferences.His mission is to become the hub that connects the Polish AI community - both the business and academia.

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